RiSE 2013


General Rules (Download/view pdf file)
RiSE 2013 Multi Grain Sorting Challenge (Description and table of specifications) pdf file
RiSE 2013 Autonomous Rescue Challenge (Description and table of specifications) pdf file

  • Tamale: Friday 27th Sept to Saturday 28th September, Location: Tamale Library.
  • Kumasi: Monday 30th September to Tuesday 1st October 2013, Location: Opoku Ware School.
  • Accra: Wednesday 2nd October to Thursday 3rd Oct 2013, Location: Christ the King Parish Hall.
  • Cape Coast: Friday 4th October to Saturday 5th October 2013, Location: Aggrey Memorial SHS  
Preliminary Schedule
  • Day 1: All three rounds (3) of Multi Grain Sorting Challenge and three (3) of six (6) rounds of Autonomous Rescue Challenge
  • Day 2: World Robot Olympiad 2013 Qualification and final three (3) rounds of Autonomous Rescue Challenge
Pre-Registration Survey

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged since it will help GRAF prepare the necessary logistics for the zonal event in your region.

Please read the RiSE 2013 General Rules before completing forms.
  • Click here to take survey.
  • Teams shall pre-register for RiSE 2013 and WRO qualifications by March 29th 2013 

Final Registration (Google Form, coming soon)
  • Final-Registration – Teams shall register for RiSE 2013 and WRO 2013 qualification by August 30th 2013 
  • No team shall be allowed to participate in RiSE 2013 or WRO 2013 qualification without registering.

Final Report 
Report will be available soon.

Survey Report
Report will be available soon.

Northern Zone, Tamale.
Middle Belt, Kumasi.
South Easthern Zone.
South Western Zone.

Coming soon.

Questions & Answers?

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T.K Owusu